Opus 86

Jun 10, 02:32 AM

Opus 86

Grace Cathedral
Topeka, Kansas

Year Commissioned 1996

The instrument is located in the chapel of the Cathedral along the west right wall. The organ visually complements the stained glass window on the opposite facing wall. The casework is made of Missouri black walnut. The keydesk is attached to the organ case. The Manual shares a common wind chest and swell expression. The center pipes of the three towers have been forge-embossed


Ralph C. Flowers, a parishioner of St. Joseph's Catholic Church but long-time member of the Cathedral Choir, named in his will a large bequest to Grace Cathedral "to be used to pay the costs of installing a small pipe organ with two manual keyboards and a full pedal board in St. Mary's Chapel.

When Mr. Flowers died in 1995, the Very Reverend Marc D. Lee, Dean of the Cathedral, appointed the Chapel Organ Committee: Myles J. Criss (Organist and Choirmaster, Chair), Phil Coolidge (Cathedral Architect, ex officio ), Hurst Coffman, Charlotte Burris, Ben Blair, Evelyn Meade, and Billye June Bradley.

The committee selected the Martin Ott Pipe Organ Company to construct the new organ. The original contract called for two prepared stops to be installed at a later date, and Harold H. Geer and others gave these stops in memory of John C. Lincoln. The completely finished ten-rank organ was installed in November 1998. (Source: Grace Episcopal Cathedral)

8 stops | 10 ranks
Mechanical action