Opus 77

Nov 8, 03:52 AM

Front: Opus 79 for Mount Angel Abbey, Oregon, was build at the same time as Opus 77 shown here in the back. These two organs were also shipped together in a moving van to the West Coast.

Opus 77

Fresno State University
Fresno, California

Year of Commission 1993

The organ is placed in the front center of the Concert Hall, California State University Campus Music Building. The keydesk is attached to the organ case, the key action is suspended.

Aaron Vartanian, Laurell Huber and John Near served as advisers for this organ project.

David Higgs played the Dedicatory Recital on Sunday, April 20, 1996. Loan Lippincott played on Feb 13, 2000. Damen Gillian Weir, Guy Bovet, Susan Landale are among the many artists who performed in the Philip Lorenz Memorial Keyboard Concerts Series.

20 stops | 22 ranks
Mechanical suspended action