Opus 73

Nov 8, 03:23 AM

Photo: Opus 73 by Nelson Vigneault, 2011 ©

Opus 73

Unity Lutheran Church
St. Louis, Missouri

Year of Commission 1993

Martin Ott came in 1970 from Germany, under a contract with Werner Bosch Orgelbau of Kassel, to install a Werner Bosch organ at Unity Lutheran Church. Paul Manz played the Dedicatory Recital in February 1971. On Monday, April 6th, 1992, Unity Church burned to the ground and the Bosch organ was destroyed. The Unity Congregation decided to rebuilt their church; the outside limestone could be preserved, Kurt Lundberg was the Architect.

On March 13th, 1993, Martin Ott, now established in the USA, received the commission to build a new organ for the new church, Opus 73.

In Feb of 1996, 25 years later, Paul Manz played the Dedicatory Recital on Opus 73. Peter Nettling was the Music Director at the time of the conception of the instrument. His term ended in 2009, followed by Barbara Harbach, Music Director and Professor of Music.

22 stops | 23 ranks | 1 extension
Mechanical key action | Electric stop action