Opus 68

Oct 15, 03:18 AM

Opus 68 was published as the Feature Cover story in the Diapason, November 2008.

1993 - Opus 68 in its original location.

2008 - Opus 68 in its new location with its new crown molding and Zimbelstern.

Opus 68

Trinity Lutheran Church
Klein, Texas

Year of Commission 1991
Relocated in 2008

First Location, 1993

In 1993 Trinity Church commissioned The Matin Ott Pipe Organ Company to build a new organ for their sanctuary. This modest 640-seat sanctuary was of poor acoustic properties and congregational singing was not encouraged. The congregation decided to construct a new larger sanctuary. Mr. Melvin Schiwart was the Director of Music and instrumental in the purchase of the organ. He retired in 2008 but returns to Trinity Church to play the organ for his enjoyment.

New Location, 2008

The new Trinity sanctuary seats 1350 parishioners in the main nave and 100 choir member and musicians on the balcony. During the summer of 2008 the original organ was physically moved to the balcony of the old church to the balcony of the new church. The wonderful acoustic in the new church encourage congregational singing and it enhances the sound of choirs, musicians and the organ. The organ was re-voiced for this fabulous acoustic. A large crown molding was added to the organ case in addition to the Untersatz 32’ and the Posaune 32'.

"We enjoyed working under the leadership of Senior Pastor Rich Noack, D. Min.". says Martion Ott

Opus 68 was published as the Feature Cover story in the Diapason, November 2008, Volume: 99 Number: 11. Copyright © 2008 Scranton Gillette Communications.

With notes from 3 contributors to the article:
• From the Acoustician, Scott Riedel of Scott R. Riedel & Associates, Ltd.
• From the Minister of Music William R. Brusick, Dr. Mus. of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Spring, Texas.
• From the Pastor Rev. Dr. Richard C. Noack of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Spring, Texas

39 stops | 49 ranks | 4 extensions
Mechanical action organ