Opus 65

Nov 4, 08:05 AM

Photo of Opus 65 case in the new shop with Martin Ott, his son Sascha and Lieselotte Triebel, Sascha's grand mother visiting from Germany.

Opus 65 was the first organ completed in the new Martin Ott Pipe Organ Company shop on Baur Boulevard, St Louis. This new building had 28 feet in hight and 7,480 square feet.

Opus 65

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Medford, Wisconsin
Year of Commission 1990

In 1993, St. Louis hosted the "National Pastorals Musician Convention" a catholic musicians confederation. The shop construction of this instrument was finished just in time to exhibit the instrument in the foyer of the convention headquarter at the St. Louis Cervantes Convention Center. Various organists performed at noontime on the instrument. "

At the convention center we assembled and made Opus 65 play in 48 hours", says Martin.

The instrument was then moved to the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Medford, Wisconsin. The church has a high "A" frame ceiling which giving the sanctuary a great center height.

The organ case is placed in the center of the large rear balcony. The Schwellwerk division is above the key desk and the Hauptwerk and Pedal divisions are housed in the upper organ case. The Pedal and the Hauptwerk divisions have a common C & C# wind chests. The casework is made of red oak and the manual key action is suspended.

18 stops | 21 ranks
Mechanical suspended key action