Opus 64

Nov 3, 09:42 AM

Larry Smith's Dedicatory Recital CD

Larry Smith (organ) / Martin Ott Opus 64 at St Brigid Parish San Diego. Bruhns Buxtehude Handel Bach Schuman Anton Heiller Reger

Bruhns: Praeludium in G minor; Buxtehude: Magnificat primi toni BuxWV 203; Handel: Concerto in B flat op 4 no 2; Bach: Prelude & Fugue in D BWV 532+BWV 639; Schumann: from Skizzen fur den Pedal-Flugel op 58(Nos 1-4); Anton Heiller: Ecce Lignum Crucis; Reger: from Zwolf Stucke fur die Orgel op 59(Nos 1,3,9) (CD issued by performer-not a CDR). CD is also available on Amazon.

Opus 64

St. Brigid's R.C. Church
San Diego, California
Year of Commission 1989

Opus 64 is placed on the balcony. The organ is designed around the large rose window. The C side of Pedal and Hauptwerk are to the left and the C# side is to the right. Centered under the rose window is the Schwellwerk and the Rückpositiv is overhanging the balcony railing. The detached organ console is approximately ten feet from the swell case, giving ample room for three choir risers between the organ case and its console. The music director can conduct the choir from the organ bench.

Eric Johansson designed and carved the Celtic ornaments and Diane Pappas applied the gilding. The late Jerry Witt (1931-2008) was the Music Director at St. Brigid’s for 28 years. He initiated the purchase of this new organ with a major gift in honor of his mother.

Reverend Monsignor Sean Murray is Senior Pastor.

Richard Proulx (1937-2010) was the Organ Consultant.

Larry Smith played the Dedicatory Recital on Sunday, October 3, 1993. The following week the recital was recorded for CD distribution.

37 stops | 51 ranks
Mechanical key action | Electric stop action