Opus 62

Nov 3, 09:36 AM


Opus 62

Pilgrim Lutheran Church
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Year of Commission 1989

The organ is located on the rear balcony of the sanctuary. The The back balcony wall has three gothic style stain glass windows. The congregation wished to keep the windows visible from the sanctuary level. To achieve this, the organ was designed with two cases of mirrored design. The case to the left of the windows contains the swell and pedal division, the case to the right houses the great division.

The console of this mechanical action instrument is centered on the balcony and closely placed against the balcony railing. The organist can slip on the organ bench with ease; the balcony railing serves him as a backrest. The approximate distance between console and organ case is 11 feet; three choir risers are placed here. This distance preserves the responsive and light keyboard touch Martin Ott is known for. The casework is out of red oak and stained dark.

John Behnke served as the organ consultant. He also played the dedicatory recital on October 25, 1992. Martin Ott commissioned John Behnke to compose a Partita on “Jesus Has Come”, which was premiered at the Dedicatory Recital.


20 stops | 26 ranks
Mechanical key action | Electric stop action