Opus 60

Nov 3, 09:27 AM

Opus 60

St. John's Lutheran Church
Decatur, Illinois
Commission date 1989

The organ is placed in the center of the rear balcony. The Pedal C casing is to the left and the C# to the right. Centered are Hauptwerk and Schwellwerk. The Schwellwerk is placed above the attached keydesk and the Hauptwerk is staged above the Schwellwerk. The Rückpositiv is center-mounted into the balcony railing, partially overhanging into the church nave. The organ has a Zimbelstern with a rotating star.

Richard Resch, Kantor & Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions at Concordia Seminary, Ft. Wayne, served as Organ Consultant.

Professor Resch played the Dedicatory Recital on October 11, 1992.

35 stops | 48 ranks
Mechanical key action | Electric stop action