Opus 6

Oct 20, 07:28 AM

Photo: Opus 6. by Thorsen Ott, © 2015.

Inscription: "SURSUM CORDA": "Lift up your hearts."

During the spring of 2015, a crown moulding was added and the bench-top was also replaced. The new music-rack by Herbert Bilgram features a "fleur-de-lis" in intersia.

Opus 6

Elaine Moseson Memorial Organ
Bonhomme Presbyterian Church

Chesterfield, St-Louis, Missouri
Year of Commission 1977

This Continuo organ is free standing, the case is made of red oak, the keyboard is attached.

Dr. Moseson, Senior Pastor, and his wife Elaine, wished a lettered carving for the pipe shades spelling Sursum Corda (Lift up your heart).

Eileen Perkins, Music Director.

Shortly after its inauguration, the instrument was moved to Power Symphony Hall, home of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra for a concert by trompeter Maurice André, and organist Alfred Mitterhofer.

Year of restoration 2015

The chapel at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church has undergone extensive renovation in 2014-2015. The Opus 6 organ was moved from a side location to its new setting on a platform at the front of the church.

A crown moulding was added and the old bench-top was also replaced with walnut wood to match the paneling color of the church walls. The new music-rack made of intarsia veneer was designed and executed by Martin's cousin Herbert Bilgram featuring a "fleur-de-lis", a symbol of the City of St Louis's french heritage.

Some repairs on the facade pipes were in order and a good cleaning made them shiny again. Martin Ott took the opportunity to fine tune the instrument and to review its voicing to further accommodate chamber music performances as well as religious services.


5 stops | 7 ranks
Mechanical action | Continuo