Opus 54

Nov 4, 09:43 AM

Photos: Opus 54, C. Bassett ©


The Opus 54 film project was created and produced by Caleb Bassett and Ian Welch.

Opus 54 features interviews and commentary from several key figures from the history of the organ, as well as the talented musicians who make the instrument sing. (90 minutes DVD). You can order your copy at:

Opus 54

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Mequon, Wisconsin
Year Commissioned 1989

The organ is free standing with keydesk attached. The organ is made of solid red oak with quarter-sawn raised panel design.

Originally the organ was installed against the only available wall, but to everyone’s unhappiness this location caused the obstruction of three stained-glass windows. In 2004/5 the chapel underwent a major renovation and offered the opportunity to re-expose the windows. The architect designed for the organ a new space opposite the stained glass windows. The newly designed seminary chapel is of great aesthetic beauty.

Chaplain Professor James Tiefel represented the Seminary. Edward Meyer was the Organ Consultant.

“Our Opus 54, is a very well-documented instrument, thanks to the colossal effort and highly professional work of Caleb Basset & Ian Welch. The website places you in the journey of discovery on all aspects of organ building, from conception to music performance. The film is a must have,” says Martin Ott.

20 stops | 25 ranks
Mechanical action & stop action