Opus 53

Nov 3, 08:53 AM

Opus 53

Eden Mennonite Church
Moundridge, Kansas
Year of Commission 1988

The old Mennonite Church burned. A new church of contemporary architecture was built. Funds were allocated for the Opus 53 commission. The organ is placed in the front, to the left side of the altar. The casework is made of red oak and the keydesk is attached.

The new church is beautifully located in rural country in a large wheat field. Jerry Witt (1931-2008) of San Diego grew up in this part of Kansas country. He later quaintly stated: "This is nice, an Ott organ is sharing the stage with the Bösendorfer grand piano."

Martin Ott attended the Dedicatory Recital and, to his delight, he discovered that the congregation traditionally sings in harmony.

Shirley King and Rosi Penner-Kaufman were the Organ Consultants.

21 stops | 26 ranks
Mechanical action