Opus 51

Nov 3, 08:46 AM

Photo courtesy of Our Lady of Providence Parish.

Opus 51

Our Lady of Providence
St. Louis, Missouri
Year of Commission 1988

The organ is in a free-standing case made from red oak. The instrument is located at the front to the right side of the altar. The keydesk is attached.

Opus 51 is Martin Ott’s second instrument for this Parish. Monsignor Nicholas Schneider, Senior Pastor, and Dr. Marie Kremer commissioned Opus 11 at Our Lady of Providence, St. Louis, Missouri. Opus 11 was a modest instrument in size for the acoustically challenged sanctuary. The space was originally designed as a school gymnasium. The Trompete 8’ was mounted horizontally in order to provide the volume needed to lead congressional singing.

Under the tenure of Senior Pastor Monsignor Charles J. Forst, a new larger sanctuary was built and a larger instrument was needed. Martin Ott found a buyer for Opus 11, the Peace Lutheran Church in New Berlin, Wisconsin. With the sale proceeds in addition to a major gift from a Lady of Providence parishioner, funds became available for the new Opus 51 instrument.

17 stops | 21 ranks
Mechanical action