Opus 49

Nov 3, 08:35 AM

Opus 49

Saint Procopius Abbey
Lisle, Illinois
Year of Commission 1987

The Benedictine monks of Procopius Abbey commissioned this instrument for the Lady (St. Mary’s) Chapel. It serves for the daily prayer services. The casework is of dark stained oak and it has wheels for mobility.

The new Monastery
Planning for the church and monastery began in 1959, and construction commenced nine years later. In June 1970, the monks moved into their first real home. The new Abbey was cited by the American Institute of Architects as one of the most outstanding buildings in the United States for 1973.

All characteristics of Benedictine monasticism are strongly represented in St. Procopius Abbey, Lisle, Illinois. The Abbey, designed by Edward Dart of Leobl, Schlossman, Bennett, and Dart, reflects the residential and institutional nature of monastic complexes. Extensive use of brick, quarry tile and wood helps create an atmosphere of peace, restraint and moderation necessary for the quiet lives that the monks lead.

5 stops | 5 ranks
Mechanical action