Opus 46

Nov 3, 08:13 AM

Jerry Witt, Nicolas Revelles & Martin Ott.

Opus 46

Founders Chapel,
University of San Diego

San Diego, California
Year of Commission 1987

The Founders Chapel organ is located in a former doorway leading to a service sacristy no longer needed. The dark stained oak façade fits tightly in this opening. The organ design complements the stone architecture of the former portal. Richard Proulx suggested having the keyboard divided either between keys b-24 & c-25, or c-25 & cs-26.

Jerry Witt provided the funds for this instrument in Memorial to his father. The Reverend Nicolas M. Reveles, Robert Thompson played the Dedicatory Recital on September 15, 1989.

On April 5th, 1989 this instrument was first played at the Ott shop in Saint Louis, honoring The Reverend Nicolas Reveles, Director of Liturgy for the Diocese of San Diego and Mr. Jerry Witt. Performing artist: Richard Proulx and Jay Peterson, Organ, Willard Cobb, Tenor & Recorder and Linda Preece, Soprano.

Martin Ott commissioned Richard Proulx (1937-2010) to write Variations on Sine Nomine. The Variations were first performed at this April 5th workshop Concert.

8 stops | 10 ranks
Mechanical action.