Opus 45

Nov 3, 08:10 AM

Opus 45

St. David's Episcopal Church
Aurora, Illinois
Year of Commission 1987

St. David’s small sanctuary is a wooden structure. The organ is placed on the balcony, leaving just enough room for a small choir. The casework is made of red oak and the keydesk is attached. The manual shares a common wind chest.

The Organ Committee worked under the leadership of Paul Milliman.

Professor Robert Reeves, Organ Instructor at Illinois State University, DeKalb, played the Dedicatory Recital on Sunday, May 21, 1989.

Mrs. Rosalie Cassiday, Dean of the Fox Valley Chapter of the American Guild of Organists, hosted an after-concert reception at her flower garden near St. David’s Church. Mrs. Cassiday was instrumental in the purchase of two other organs from Martin Ott, Opus 30 and Opus 106.

16 stops | 20 ranks
Mechanical action.