Opus 44

Nov 3, 08:06 AM

Notes on Dennis Bergin

Dennis Bergin has won several awards in organ performance, including the National Organ Playing competition, sponsored by First Presbyterian Church of Ottumwa, Iowa 1975, amongst others. He also competed as a finalist in the National Organ Playing Competition of the American Guild of Organist in Seattle, Washington, in 1978. And, in 1984, he was named one of the five finalists in the prestigious international competition, “Grand Prix de Chartres”, held in Paris.

Opus 44

Lutheran Church of the Living Christ
Florissant, Missouri
Year of Commission 1988

The free standing organ is located on the main floor of the sanctuary, the case is made of red oak with the keydesk attached.

The church is located in the north-west of the St-Louis county. The sanctuary has large windows bringing great light and awesome view to the outside surrounding park. The manuals share a common wind chest. This small sanctuary was requiring gentle voicing and a relatively low wind pressure. The wind pressure for the manuals is 65mm and for the pedal 75mm.

On Pentecost Sunday , May 14, 1989, the congregation dedicated the organ.

On Sunday, October 29, 1989, Dennis W. Bergin played the Dedicatory Recital.

12 stops | 15 ranks
Mechanical action.