Opus 35

Nov 3, 05:05 AM

Opus 35

National Avenue Christian Church
Springfield, Missouri
Year of Commission 1985

The organ design reflects the colonial architecture of the church.

This instrument is housed in two separate organ cases on facing side of the chancel area. Looking towards the front chancel, the altar is placed in the center front wall. The Hauptwerk, the Brustwerk division and the keydesk are located along the left chancel sidewall. On the opposite sidewall is the suspended pedal division. Two strong I-beams are mounted into this chancel sidewall to carry the weight of the pedal division. The chancel choir is placed underneath the pedal division.

The Dedication Recital was performed May 3, 1987, by Dr. David Gifford.

19 stops | 22 ranks
Mechanical key | Electric stop action