Opus 30

Oct 6, 08:52 AM

Opus 30

Our Savior Lutheran Church
Livermore, California
Year of commission 1983

This instrument was originally commissioned by Grace Lutheran Church in Aurora, Illinois. Rosalie Cassiday was the acting Director of Music. Marianne Webb, Distinguished University Organist and Visiting Professor of Music at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, played the Dedicatory Recital.

In 2004 the church changed to a Hispanic Lutheran Church and the organ was no longer used by the congregation. Opus 30 was sold to Our Savior Lutheran Church in Livermore, California.

The sanctuary of Our Savior Lutheran Church is of a much larger architecture. The acoustician, Scott Riedel, created a spectacular acoustic to complement the rich liturgy of the Lutheran Church. Martin Ott increased the scaling of the flue pipes and added a new and larger scale Trompete to the Hauptwerk. The case is made of red oak with the keydesk attached..

Christa Even, is the Music Director.

17 stops | 20 ranks
Mechanical action