Opus 3

Oct 19, 10:06 AM

Opus 3

Jeff Hon Residence
Kansas City, Missouri
Year of Commission 1975

The first Ott organ shop was located in the "Centennial Room" at Second Presbyterian Church of Saint Louis, Missouri. Two identical Continuo Organ were built here, Opus 3 and Opus 4. Both cases are of solid white oak. The organist is able to look over the instrument to see the conductor. It is also possible for the organist to conduct from the keyboard standing.

Opus 4 was commissioned by Robert Bergt. Mr. Berg (1930-2010) was Artist-in-Residence and Bach scholar at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. Jeffrey Hon of Kansas City, Missouri, purchased this instrument in 2008. At that time the keyboard was altered to allow transposition from A440 to A415 pitch. This Continuo Organ serves as a rental instrument in the greater Kansas City area.


5 Stops | 7 ranks
Mechanical action | Continuo