Opus 29

Nov 2, 10:19 AM

Opus 29

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Waterloo, Illinois
Year of commission 1983

Pastor Robert Preece and his wife Linda served this congregation at the time of the fund raising and purchase of the instrument. Linda Preece, a professional soprano, worked at Concordia Publishing house and was engaged as a soloist with the American Kantorei at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, under the baton of Rev. Prof. Robert Bergt (January -7-1930 – July-26-2011). The organ, located on the rear balcony, was first plaid on Easter Sunday 1985. With great joy Pastor Preece announced to Martin Ott: “Now, with this new pipe organ we have a real church”.

At the time of the organ purchase, Immanuel Lutheran Church with two other Waterloo churches sponsored the Janusz Sijka family from Poland. Janusz had been evolved with the Solidarity movement in Poland. As a result of his involvement, he was retained, and later, as punishment, lost his right to work. The Martin Ott Company hired Janusz, who was trained as a welder, building bridges in Poland. During his stay at the Ott shop, he also learned fine working. He was associated with the construction of the Immanuel organ and the next fifteen instruments. Several years later, Janusz and his family moved to Chicago, to join other members of his family.

16 stops | 18 ranks
Mechanical action.