Opus 27

Nov 2, 10:08 AM

Photo: Dr. Pelz at the keyboard of his Opus 27. December 6, 2011.

Opus 27

Dr. & Mrs. Walter Pelz
Lindsborg, Kansas
Year of Commission 1983

This instrument has three manuals. The bottom keyboard (Manual I) couples Manual II and III together, simulating a three-manual instrument. The main purpose of Opus 27 is to serve for the composition of new work.

The house organ case is made of white oak and is less than 8’ tall.

Walter Pelz received several commissions for new contemporary organ work by Martin Ott. For exampe, O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright, for Opus 41 dedication in 1988 by Walter Pelz. This score is available from Morning Star Publisher.

6 stops | 5 ranks
Mechanical action