Opus 19

Nov 2, 09:26 AM

Opus 19 was relocated at the Immanuel Lutheran Church, Washington, Missouri in 2011.
Photo: Martin Ott, October 2012.

Opus 19, when located at the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Highland Park, Illinois. Circa 1995.

Opus 19

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Washington, Missouri

Year of Commission 1995
Relocated in 2011-2012

In 1981 Martin Ott received the commission to build a mechanical action organ for Redeemer Lutheran Church in Highland Park, IL. (Opus 19 in its original location)

The organ is free standing and the case is made of oak, the keydesk is attached.

This instrument was originally built for Redeemer Lutheran Church in Highland Park, Illinois. Redeemer Church merged with Faith Lutheran Church in River Forest. The organ became available for a new home. In 2009 it was purchased by Immanuel Lutheran Church in Washington, Missouri.

Update and additions

The balcony of the new Immanuel Lutheran Church sanctuary houses this renewed and larger instrument. Two new stops were added, a Blockflöte 4’ and a Celeste 8’. The mechanical stop action has been converted to electrical stop action. The decorative moldings and a new finish enhance the organ case.

Inauguration of the organ and the new Immanuel sanctuary is scheduled for November 27, 2012, Dr. John Behnke will lead a Hymn Festival.

22 stops | 25 ranks
Mechanical key action | Electric stop action