Opus 16

Nov 2, 09:00 AM

Opus 16

St. George's Episcopal Church
Clarksdale, Mississippi
Year of Commission 1980

New Life for Opus 16
Creative solutions for buying a pipe organ are always possible. When Peace Lutheran Church decided to close, their organ became available. The Martin Ott firm purchased the instrument with the intent of expanding it to custom specifications for the buyer. This instrument, originally built in 1981, was purchased by St. George’s Episcopal in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Both manuals of this organ are under expression with the exception of the Prinzipal 8’ which is in the façade.

A new, larger case was built in the style of the architecture of the church, which is over 100 years old. The organ was re-scaled and re-voiced for its new environment. We added a Viola and a Viola Celeste on Manual II and a Fagott 16’ and a Choralbass 4’ in the Pedal. This instrument yields a total of 19 ranks and 17 stops. The Nasat and Terz share a double draw stop, and the manual Trompete 8’ can be played either from manual I or Manual II, allowing more flexibility with the existing instrument.

Tennessee Williams’ maternal grandfather was a former Rector of this church.
St. George’s Episcopal Church dedicated the organ on Sunday, September 26, 2004.

17 stops | 19 ranks
Mechanical action