Opus 13

Oct 21, 02:57 AM

Opus 13

Lutheran School of Theology
Chicago, Illinois

Year of Commission 1980
Relocated in 1987, 2001 & 2002

Paul Manz, organ consultant, played the Dedicatory Recital on October 3rd, 1981. On October 8th a Concert for Organ and Orchestra was performed with organist Paul Manz and Conductor Robert Bergt.

Philip Gehring, Eugene Brand, Stephen McKersie, Florence & Paul Weber and Kirby Koriath participated in the Dedicatory Recital series.

This instrument was first installed in the Seminex Chapel on the 14th floor, 539 North Grand, St. Louis. Following water damage to that building, the instrument was relocated to a higher floor level at 539 North Grand

Then, in 1987, the instrument was moved to a small chapel at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, Illinois.

In 2001, Ms. Barbara L. Klingsick of St. Louis, member of Unity Lutheran Church, Bel-Nor, Missouri (see Opus 73) purchased and gave Opus 13 to the Headquarters of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Higgins Road, Chicago.

Sascha Ott, Martin’s son, dismantled the organ at the LSTC in November of 2001 and re-installed it in the Headquarters’ Chapel in March of 2002.

9 stops | 11 ranks
Mechanical action