Opus 115

Nov 12, 02:48 AM

Opus 115. This continuo organ was first used by the visiting Thomanerchor from Leipzig, Germany, performing on November 8th, 2013 at the Basilica of Saint Louis in St. Louis, Missouri.

Opus 115

Martin Ott Workshop
St. Louis, Missouri

This american walnut continuo is for sale.

Martin Ott has built several Continuo organs over the years. These small pipe organs are more than simple practice instruments. They are designed to meet the standard needed for music ensemble, orchestra works and choir touring. In the tradition of his uncle, the reputable German Orgelbaumeister, Paul Ott, these Continuo organs are made to suit on-location performances.

According to Martin Ott, Paul Ott gave to the small pipe organ the appellation "CONTINUO"—and was the first to use it—to describe an instrument in size between a portative and a positive organ. The Paul Ott instruments were tailored to fit the popular 1950-60 Volkswagen van.

Martin Ott's Continuos have casters and often carrying handles. On Opus 115, the bottom blower section of the instrument has its own set of handles, and can be separated to ease transport. All the pipes are locked in secure position for transport. The pipes are elegantly visible, which is not often the case for box organs. The partially open design of the instrument's upper cabinet provides a clear sight line to the orchestra conductor during the performance.


3 Stops | 3 Ranks | Transposing 440-415 htz
Mechanical action | Continuo