Opus 110

Oct 15, 02:18 am

The original instrument, by Jardine & Sons, was built in 1899 and later rebuilt 1948. In 2001 Martin Ott was commissioned to revise the instrument into a 35 stops, 41 ranks pipe organ.

Opus 110

First Presbyterian Church of Ypsilanti
Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
Year of Commission 2001

In 2001, the congregation at First Presbyterian Church of Ypsilanti (FPCY) made a decision to upgrade and refurbish their existing Jardine Organ. The original instrument, by Jardine & Sons, was built in 1899 and later rebuilt 1948. The effort stalled for 18 month, until the Martin Ott Pipe Organ Company, Inc. was hired for this project.

The new organ, designed by Ott, has electro-mechanical action, 3 manuals, 41 ranks, and 2,409 pipes made of a tin-lead alloy and wood. Much of the Choir division has retained Jardine’s original pipework, making for a distinctly English tonality. The rest of the instrument is an eclectic blend of European and American styles, with a fuller, brighter sound than either the English or German traditions.

The pipes are located in a roughly eight-foot-by-20-foot space behind the original wooden case facade.


After the technical installation was completed, Organ consultant John Weaver visited the First Presbyterian Church of Ypsilanti and met with Martin Ott to discuss the final voicing of the organ. Dr. Weaver, former organ chair of the Juilliard School and Curtis Institute of Music for over three decades, described the new console as "incredibly user friendly". The 3-manual console was designed with practicality in mind, especially with its uniquely low height, which allows an organist to direct a choir with less effort than with other taller organ consoles. The stops and pistons are also placed in close proximity to the keyboards, enabling the organist to reach for clusters of stops with ease.

Dr. John Weaver and his wife Marianne returns to Ypsilanti in January 2009 to play in the Dedication Service on January 24, at 10am, and the Dedication Concert following. Mrs. Weaver appearing with him playing from the growing flute/organ repertoire it at 3pm.

35 stops | 41 ranks | 4 Extensions
Electro-mechanical action