Opus 11

Oct 20, 09:41 AM

Opus 11

Peace Lutheran Church
New Berlin, Wisconsin

Year of Commission 1978
Relocated in 1988

Monsignor Nicholas Schneider, Senior Pastor, and Dr. Marie Kremer commissioned this instrument at Our Lady of Providence, St. Louis, Missouri. Opus 11 was a modest instrument in size for the acoustically challenged sanctuary. The Trompete 8’ was mounted horizontally in order to provide the volume needed to lead congressional singing.

Marie Kremer played the Dedicatory Recital. And, a few years later, Monsignor Nikolas Schneider received the call to serve the parishioners at St. Monica Church R. C. in Creve Coeur, Missouri (see Opus 61).

A new instrument
for Our Lady of Providence

Monsignor Forst succeeded Monsignor Schneider at Providence. During his tenure he built a new sanctuary. He commissioned Martin Ott to build Opus 51 for his new sanctuary. This organ was funded from the sale of the previous organ (Opus 11), in addition to a generous gift from a parishioner.

On October 28th 1988, Martin W. Banget, Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church, purchased Opus 11 from Our Lady of Providence. A Prinzipal 8’ was added.

Scott Riedel, the expert acoustician, played the Dedicatory Recital on January 8th, 1989. John A. Behnke played an Organ Recital on February 26, and Paul Manz (1919-2009) played a Hymn Festival on June 1 of the same year.


11 stops | 16 ranks
Mechanical action