Opus 109

Nov 10, 06:50 AM

Opus 109

First Presbyterian Church
Sturgis, Michigan

Year of Commission 2007

The console is on a movable platform. The organ is installed in two side chambers. The great Principal 8’ is in the façade on the left side chamber and the pedal Oktavbaß 8’ is in the façade of the chamber to the right of the altar.

Three decades before, German organ builder Paul Ott built an organ for The First Congregational Church in California. Years later, the church put the instrument up for sale. It drew the attention of Paul Ott’s nephew, Martin Ott, who founded his pipe organ company in 1973 in St. Louis. Martin Ott purchased his uncle’s organ to use some of the parts in the conception of the new Opus 109.

Albert Bolitho, Organ Professor Emeritus at Albion College, played the Dedicatory Recital.

32 stops | 36 ranks | 5 extensions
Electric slider chests | Electro-pneumatic actions (*)