Opus 107

Oct 15, 03:17 AM

Opus 107

Lord of Life Lutheran Church
Chesterfield, Missouri

Year of Commission 2005

The organ is located in the center of the sanctuary balcony. The casework is made of red oak, the panels are quarter sawn oak. The detached console is approximately ten feet from the organ case; this distance allows for three choir risers between the organ case and organ console.

The church design feels very angular and it is made of straight architecture lines and planes, to the exception of the large, round, stained-glass window adorning the upper back balcony. The organ design acts as a counterpoint between the stark modernist architecture and its great, stained-glass porthole, enhancing both in a powerful but elegant way.

The organ case and its intricate grill design were conceived with the help of computer-assisted design (CAD), making possible the two cantilevering side towers of the organ.

The red brick wall behind the organ acts as a good acoustical reflector and was taken for account in the voicing of the organ.

19 stops | 24 ranks
Mechanical key action | Electric stop action