Opus 103

Nov 10, 03:11 AM

Opus 103

Trinity Lutheran Church
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Year of Commission 2001

The Hauptwerk has several stops under expression, indicated with (*) in the stop list. The console is detached.

In the design of Martin Ott’s Opus 103 some of the old Wicks organ pipes were reused. Martin Ott re-scaled and added new ranks and individual pipes to conform to Ott’s tonal concept.

The organ has two organ cases made of red oak. The designs of the two cases are mirrored and finished to visually match the church’s interior architecture. The raised panels are quarter-sawn red oak. Since the organ faces an exterior wall, the back wall was built as a thermal insulting structure, necessary for the cold months typical of a Wisconsin winter.

35 stops | 34 ranks | 4 extensions
Electric pull-downs slider chests |
Electro-pneumatic chests | Electric stop action