Opus 102

Nov 10, 02:53 AM

Opus 102

St. Anne Church R.C.
Oswego, Illinois

Year of Commission 2001

St. Anne’s Church is a large Catholic church located in Oswego, a western suburb of Chicago. Opus 34, built in 1978 by The Martin Ott Pipe Organ Company was dedicated on November I3, 1986. Dr. Marie Kremer of St. Louis gave an organ recital on Sunday, November 16th, which was enjoyed by many. Since then, several concerts have been presented.

On January 24, 2000, the church building and the Opus 34 organ suffered a devastating fire. Due to the extent of the damage, the Parish Council and Administration Commission agreed it was best to demolish the church and begin anew.

The congregation decided to build a new larger sanctuary with a new organ on the same site. The Martin Ott Pipe Organ Co., Inc. was commissioned to build the organ to fit the new sanctuary design. Martin Ott started the rebuilding of the mechanical-action organ with keydesk attached in 2001. He used some of the good stops and pipes from the previously damaged instrument.

In the new sanctuary the musicians are located to the right side of the altar. There is ample room for the organ, cantor, choirs, piano and instrumentalists. The front location projects the sound well to the congregation.

25 stops | 31 ranks | 1 extension
Mechanical key action | Electric stop action