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Oct 15, 03:18 AM

From time to time, we have a list of instruments available for sale. Martin Ott can provide expertise and relocation services for these instruments. For the organ enthusiasts, builders, as well as carpenters, we also have quality shop equipment. We also supply parts such as organ pedal boards, benches, wood-pipes etc.
Please refer to our sales blog for our current offerings.


Opus 115, Continuo Organ 2013

• Holzgedackt 8', Rohrflote 4', Oktave 2'
• Built in 2013 by Martin Ott Pipe Organ Co.
• BB-d''' compass (52)
• American walnut Casework
• Laukhuff 110V Blower
Asking Price: Call for info or email

Historic Paul Ott Contino Organ (1964) rebuilt by Martin Ott. (The organ is sold)

• Regal 8', Holzgedackt 4', Prinzipal 2', Quinte 1 1/3'
• Restored in 2002 by Martin Ott Pipe Organ Co.
• Divided Sliders
• German Cherry Casework
• Cocobolo Wood Regal
• Laukhuff 110V Blower
Asking Price: (SOLD)

Zuckermann Flemish Harpsichord

• Single-Manual
• Oiled Walnut Finish
Asking Price: $2,900 OBO

Nathanael Ritz



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